Substance Abuse Recovery Program

Faith Based

Safe Spaces Creates  Safe Places

Circle Of Trust

We are committed to establishing a space of trust that will create a place for transparency.

The Process

Discovery is the beginning stages of recovery. The process is more about “Direction vs Perfection”.

The Road to Recovery  Where U Turns Are Allowed

The struggle of overcoming addictions, is directly related to the lack of access roads that can guide you on to a highway towards positive outcomes.

Clear sinage that will steer you away from Dead Ends and keep you on pathways for success.


It Feels Good To Be Back On The Road To Freedom. Forward Focused With No Fear Of Whats Behind You



A Faith Based Recovery

Goal-driven design

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Clients as partners

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Quality over quantity

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Recovery Prayer Devotional

Prayers That Guides Through Recovery To Sobriety

The Twelve Laws of Life Recovery

A God View, From Law To Grace

From Pride To Humility

He That Humbles Himself, God Will Promote

The Life Recovery Bible

God’s Road Map To Recovery

The Life Recovery Workbook

The Process Of Restoration Through Application

The Twelve Gifts of Life Recovery

God’s Blue Print Towards Recovery

"On This Road, You Are Never Alone

Come Join Us In Our Next Meeting, You Will Be Glad You Did

JITA Faith Based Substance Abuse Recovery Program

Every Thursday @6:30pm

1803 E. Desmet, Spokane WA. 99202

Keith Burks, SUDP

Keith Burks, SUDP


Keith Burks is a licensed “Substance Use Disorder Professional” He is a man of faith that has experientual knowlegde through lived experiences, as well as spiritual insights around strongholds and the power of recovery.

Wilhelmina Davis

Wilhelmina Davis

Group Sponsor

Wilhelmina is an experienced christian counselor and woman of faith. She is very understanding of the common struggles that people go through. She has a graceful yet bold mannerism to speak truth to power.

Marlo Mendez

Marlo Mendez

Group Sponsor

Marlo is an experienced life coach. She has years of experience working with women who are striving to overcome the addictions of substance abuse. She has a nurturing heart for hurting women with a gift to restore them back to health and wellness.

Robert Law

Robert Law

Group Sponsor

Robert is an experienced christian counselor who understands the challenges of overcoming substance abuse. He cares deeply and is committed to the process of restoring men back to a place of wholeness. 

William Davis

William Davis

Director of 12 Steps

William is an experienced and trained 12 step instructor. He has over 20 years of sobriety and he uses it to inspire hope and faith for others to believe in their own abilities to be successful on their road to recovery.

Pastor Shon Davis

Pastor Shon Davis


Pastor Shon has overcome the struggles of inner city life and has a well balanced understanding of the impact of substance abuse and the spiritual breakthrough’s from God’s word and social and emotional learning.

The struggle in front of you

is never as great

as the power behind you