Spreading Happiness With Food

LOL Food Bank Ministry

Serving Our Community

(LOL) Labor Of Love is a outreach of JITA City Church. It is a food bank ministry that provides food for families that are in need. Our staff believes in spreading happiness through making sure that no family goes hungry.

The disciples asked Jesus, “when did we see you hungry and we fed you. Jesus answered and said, When you have served the least of my people, you have also done it unto me”.(Matthew-25:40)

We believe in being the hands and feet of Jesus to those who may not know him, nor can see him through faith.

Jesus Is The Answer

We Are In This Together

It is still a true saying that, “Programs Don’t Change Lives, People Change Lives. Without The Right People, We Have No Program”.

The Spokane Community has shown great resilience and commitment through a collaborative effort in meeting our communities needs.  Our statement is in our service, “We Are In This Together”


Labor is only labor when there is no profitable outcomes from the work you do.


We all need to be “OF” something that meets a greater need then our own.


Motive behind what we do. Places character on why we do it. What greater motive is there then Love.

Upcoming Food give away

All Are Welcome

Fresh Fruit & Frozen Full Meals

11:30Am – 1:30Pm Every Wednesday

1803 E. Desmet Spokane, WA. 99202

Meats, bread & canned food

12:00Pm – 3:00Pm

Every 4th Saturday of each month

1803 E. Desmet St. Spokane WA. 99202

Emergency Food Request

Sometimes are needs don’t line up with programs scheduled times of distribution.

Here at JITA, “We Got You”

For emergency food needs, contact us at Email: Laboroflovejita@gmail.com

Sis. Stephanie is dedicated to showing the love of Jesus Christ through serving food to those in need, along with a Prayer and a Hug.

Stephanie Ann Graham

Director Of Labor of Love

Mary is a very tender hearted servant for the lord. She prays earnestly and desires for no one to have to go hungry


Asst. Labor Of Love

Stay Up to Date

Contact us for our next food distribution date