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Can Trust Really Be Broken

Who Can We Trust

Written By Pastor Wilhelmina Davis

Trust carries with it an emotional weight that can sometimes weigh upon us even heavier then physical weight. It is said that “Trust takes Years to Build, Seconds to Break and Forever to Repair”. When this is not a shared value in a relationship. The relationship becomes very fragil and can be easily broken apart. Simply because we struggle with trusting people. 

“Well Who Can We Trust”

In God We Trust

“Hug In A Mug”

We are

We are…strong and yet fragile. As individuals with dreams and hopes for ones future, it is important to have the assurance that we can trust someone.

We love

We love…some say love is a strong word. It carries the weight of ones heart, which can easily be broken. True love is revealed through trust, Trust is stabilized by love. We Love Because We Are Loved By God (1 John-4:19)

Creating A Trust In Legacy

Its ironic that a Living Will could also be defined as a Living Trust. You are building your legacy not just in what you have done, but in the opportunities you have created for the generations to come.

Your children will have something to “Trust” in that becomes “A Living Trust” for their time and for thier season.  The foundation that you lay through preparing generational wealth will create economic streams for your children to inherit (1 Chronicles-28:8)

Trust You...Really?

Food For Thought

Trust Believes Beyond Ones Failures. It Values Friendship Over Breakup. It’s Evidence That Love Exist

Food For Thought

Trust Carries The Risk Of Being Hurt By Those We Have Extended Trust. But Should We Really Stop Trusting

Food For Thought

Respect Is What We Expect In Return, When Trust Has Been Extended. What Is Your Friendship Built On?

Food For Thought

“Years, Seconds, Forever” We Placed More Effort In The Emotions Of Building And Less In The Values That Sustain Us

Im Good!

Is trust a real issue for you? Have you been dropped by someone that said they got you? “Let’s Talk”