Do Black Lives Really Matter

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Do Black Lives Really Matter

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Written by Will Davis JITA City Church

June 19, 2020

What started off as just another fitness inspired video…quickly turned into something more, after what happened to George Floyd.

All the content had already been gathered and once that horrific scene was watched all across the world, we all knew we had to do something different.

Why Does My Blackness Intemidate You? For When Your Surrounded By It, Just Like A Photo. It Makes You Stand Out!

“So Don’t Hate It, Embrace It”

I stepped out of my comfort zone when I was asked to do a voice over speaking on 2020 and all that’s happening right now. Definitely not something I wanted to do, and though we had to cut out a lot of detail regarding my experiences in America, I’m glad I was able to touch on a few things.

plan on making another video to just speak on my experiences, growing up in a predominantly white area (with my Father), while my summers were spent in a Black/Hispanic neighborhood in California (with my Mother).

“Black Lives Do Matter”, By Will Davis

Being able to get on a call with my friends and family and have conversations that simply were just never discussed… has done wonders to my relationship with them.


Not only discussing it, But listening. Because when we Listen, we learn and when we “Know Better, We Do Better”. Our Stories Matter!

So if you’re a friend of mine and want to understand my view of things, GIVE ME A CALL, would love to help. Would love to chat. Would love to grow some more.

“For We Are In This Together”

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Black Lives Do Matter

If All Lives Matter To You. Then The “All” Must Be Inclusive Of Black Lives Also. “WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER”