3 Shelves In A Corner

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3 Shelves In A Corner

A Culturally Responsive Learning That Will Help Us To “Know What We Did Not Know”, and To Move Us Through The Triple A Process Of “Awareness, Accountability & Action”.


“Being Aware Brings Accountability. Accountability Requires Action”

AWARENESS; is living in a state of Consciousness.

We live in a system designed by the dominate culture that has the priviledge of turning a blind eye towards things that they do not want to be accountable for. Because if they are aware of it, then they become accountable to have to respond to it. Another form of what it means to have “Priviledge”.


“People who Wink at wrong, cause Trouble. But a bold reproof promotes Peace”





“I Don’t Know, What I Don’t Know”

White people tend to defend the fact that they are not racist. They are not the ones that enslaved black people. But what they refuse to acknowledge is when you support systems that are designed to oppress a certain group or class of people is still a form of promoting slavery through systemic racism.

Therefore, you choose to wink at the injustice that you can clearly see being done because for you to acknowledge it as being unjust and inhumain. Would require you to know longer be silent, but to speak against it. Because accountability requires action.

Some would say that the system is broken. But I would have to differ from that opinion, by saying it is not broken. It is doing exactly what it was designed to do.

You see white people do not have to make themselves aware of my culture, my needs and what my issues in society are. But as a African American trying to live in a White system. I have to make myself aware of white culture in order to survive and navigate through a system that was not built for my success.

When I WINK at it, Ignore it, Choose to not Acknowledge it, I Can Cause Trouble.



Awareness is a state of consciouness. It means you are informed and have acknowledged that something does exist.



having a duty or a responsibility to act upon that in which I have been made aware of. 



The worst thing that I could do, Is to do nothing at all. Moving from being Non-Racist to being Anti-Racist.

The New WINK

What I Know Now.

“I Did What I Knew To Do, Until I Knew Better, And Then I Did Better” (Maya Angelo)

What I Know Now, transitions me into a state of Accountability. Because I now know, I can no longer remain in a place of ignorance. I now have to respond, speak up, speak out and act upon the things that I am now aware of.


Performative Allyship

Is This A Performance, Because Of The Emotions Of The Moment, Or Is This A True Act Of Conviction Towards Sustainable Change

Many people find themselves simply reacting emotionally to whats going on around them. Those emotions moves them to feel like I have to do something. I seee white people out protesting with “Black Lives Matter Signs”. 

Are you joining the movement out of your emotions, simply because its what everyone else is doing. Will Black Lives Matter a few months down the road when all of the emotions have subsided.

“It’s Time Out For Talking, It’s Time For Action”


Strong Women Achieving Greatness